Dallas Designer Laura Wolfe was among 20 designers selected by Brizo to attend the Jason Wu spring runway show during New York Fashion Week in September.



Designer Laura Wolfe (left) was among 20 special guests of Brizo for Jason Wu’s runway show during New York Fashion Week.

The manufacturer of high-end plumbing fixtures first partnered with Jason in 2006, and together they designed a stylish line of fixtures. Jason wanted his line with Brizo to be the “LBD of faucets.” Jason and Brizo have continued the partnership, which has established trends in the plumbing fixture industry (matte black was first implemented in this line), and as a result Brizo selects a group of 20 designers from across the U.S. to be their guests at the seasonal runway show and private after-party with the star designer.



I asked Laura about her experience and how fashion design and interior design influence and inspire each other.



What was the NY Fashion Week experience like?
Of course the opportunity to attend a New York fashion show was fun and inspiring. The clothes, the people watching, an Anna Wintour sighting … such a great experience! And the Brizo team gave us a full-day brand immersion for us, where we were not only able to see their industrial designers’ process of creating new fixtures, we also participated in the process. We were able to give feedback on pieces at various levels of development, and Brizo even installed a new shower head in our guest rooms for us to test and give them feedback the next day.

What similarities do you see in fashion and interior design?
For one, the way the runway show was set up, in a shared work environment curated with Mid-Century furniture (very Mad Men), with a path for the models to walk that wound through the various rooms and offices, enabled everyone to be very close to the garments. It was apparent that Jason wanted you to see the details he incorporated into each garment, from the neon piping and asymmetrical ruching of lace, to the floral appliques on the showstopper gown.

Where does he find his inspiration? Is that similar to your sources of inspiration as an interior designer?
I found him to be very inspiring – he is soft spoken, but it’s clear that he has a genuine love of food and cooking, and appreciates anything beautiful and creative. He spoke of the boning in some of the dresses that helps create their structure and how the fabric moves and lays against the body, and how this was inspired by his observations of architecture. He said that he loves Mid-Century Modern furniture, and this collection was clearly inspired by 1950s styles and silhouettes. I think interior designers find inspiration in the same things – anything beautiful and creative across the spectrum of art and design can spark an idea. Looking at new trends in fashion, like Jason’s use of bold floral patterns and neon accents, and his fusing of navy and black for spring, I’m already beginning to see those trends influencing interiors – from floral fabric and wall covering to bold tape details on upholstery to unexpected mixing of shapes and patterns.