BDNY 2016 was packed with excitement, creative energy and ideas, and Wilson Associates interior designers were again prominent participants in the annual interior design mega tradeshow. The conference and tradeshow kicked off Sunday, Nov. 13 with the highly anticipated Product Runway show, featuring an innovative accessory created by our New York designers.

In collaboration with Bijou Coverings, sumptuous gold textured wall covering was transformed into a futuristic and funky “Good Fortune” cloak.

Alissa Nicholson sketched the initial design, and she, Weiloong Wong, Dan Feng, Haley DuPre and Jackie Martinez constructed the final garment by adhering hundreds of paper fortune tellers together to form a cloak. In fact, the whole office helped with folding squares.


From the design team:

A single sheet of paper–eight folds, symbols applied–concealing fortunes and hidden messages read between children. What is commonly known as the Paper Fortune Teller, revealer of fate, this children’s game has morphed into a cloak full of hidden fortunes, rich with stories to be read by those hoping to open one of its hidden secrets.

Throughout history, the cloak was used to cover or protect another object, and was traditionally made of natural fibers. A symbol of royalty and kingship, this garment has long afforded its wearers with protection. In mystical lore, the cloak served as a means of disguise, an instrument to conceal and protect the wearer in their quest.

The rich and intricate gold finish of the wall covering provided by Bijou Coverings drapes the outer layer of the cloak, carefully crafted into detailed folds. Draped in the keepers of fortune, this cloak grants all who wear it the power to determine their own destiny. May good fortune be with you.