Wilson Associates designers traveled to New York City for the annual BDNY interior design conference and tradeshow. The mega event is packed with creativity, excitement, and ideas, gathering interior design professionals and product manufacturers from across the globe.

In addition to the Wilson Associates New York team exhibiting their phenomenal “Good Fortune Cloak” during Product Runway, Wilson Associates Los Angeles Managing Director Amy Jakubowski moderated two key panel discussions during the conference. “Industry Feud” pitted independents/brands against owners/investors and then Marriott versus Hilton in a lively dialogue of facts, figures and trends in the hospitality industry. Make plans to attend this entertaining (and enlightening) session during BDWest in April 2017, moderated once more by Amy!

At the Gold Key Awards Gala, Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay, by Blueplate Studios Singapore (a Wilson Associates specialty food and beverage design studio), was recognized as a finalist in the Best Restaurant Casual Dining category.

The highlight of BDNY is the massive tradeshow, where designers can see the latest products, from trends in furniture and lighting to colors and materials, and everything in between. Here, Wilson Associates designers reveal their top picks and new trends discovered at BDNY 2016:

Wilson Associates designers Amy Jakubowski, Alex Near, Kendall Thompson, Jessica Ferrell, and Nathalie Vitek reveal their top picks from BDNY 2016.


Nathalie Vitek, Associate Designer, Dallas
Garden on the Wall – “We’ve seen green walls before, but this wall requires no maintenance whatsoever! They can create custom patterns using various plants, and then spray the entire wall with a solution that preserves the plants so they appear fresh and amazing without any additional maintenance.”

Area Environments – “These are the most beautiful contemporary wallpapers and large-scale murals I’ve seen, and the prints are created from original work by artists.”

Zenith Rugs – “They had displayed in their booth a rug they created for the Skye Niseko project – exciting! Their rugs are made with such amazing attention to detail and a real love for what they do. So much passion goes into their designs, and I think that really speaks to the singular designs we create for our clients at Wilson.”

Karim Rashid – “His keynote address was so inspiring! He is so much more than an interior designer – his foray into industrial design and furniture design have established him as one the most iconic designers. He is incredibly influential, and encouraged designers to consider convenience as part of the new luxury design, as well as designing a great experience for the human body and mind. It’s so much more than placing a sofa against a wall – even the sofa is designed to adapt to the comfort demands of the contemporary traveler, and how that piece of furniture will be experienced and used by a person. He’s absolutely amazing!”

Alex Near, Associate Designer, Dallas
Outdoor Decorative Lighting from Design Within Reach, Bover, and Serralunga – “My favorite takeaway from BDNY is the amount of outdoor decorative lighting manufacturers have now! I’ve noticed this as a growing trend. It’s fun to think that you can have floor lamps and other decorative lighting in an outdoor space, and it’s great to have so many choices in lighting for outdoors that’s more than just for functional purposes.”

Amy Jakubowski, Managing Director and Design Director, Los Angeles
Innovative Materials and Wall Surfaces – “I was drawn to the variety of innovative materials, and two companies in particular – Cravt Original and Lost Cowboys – had really incredible creative materials and wall surfaces.”

Biophilic Design – “A new, interesting topic that was discussed is ‘biophilic design’, addressing our need for a connection to nature and how we incorporate it into design beyond what we are already doing in sustainability.”

Kendall Thompson, Project Designer, Dallas
Garden on the Wall – “I’ve tried to incorporate living walls in several different projects but they always seem to get cut due to the maintenance involved. I was drawn to this concept because their living wall doesn’t need water or sunlight – the plants are real but are coated in a patented solution that preserves the plant for up to 10 years. This is a great solution to bring in a fresh, natural feel to a space without the added maintenance of a traditional living wall. The custom designs and logos look incredible!”

Lumina Products’ AquaFire – “Lumina Products has an interesting ‘fireplace’ that is actually steam and LED lighting that gives the ambiance of real fire. It even makes a crackling sound! I think it’s a great product that can help transform a setting without ventilation. I can’t wait to incorporate this into a project!”

Zenith Rugs – “Like Nathalie, I was excited to see that Zenith Rugs had one of our custom carpet designs for the Skye Niseko project as their main display! It was amazing to see our custom design come to life, and see how much everyone loved it! They changed the colors a bit, but the pattern was designed by me and Nathalie – I think they did a great job!”

Jessica Ferrell, Project Designer, Dallas
Karim Rashid – “His discussion sponsored by Artline was truly an awesome and inspiring keynote. His designs are so iconic, and his design philosophy has been influential in so many aspects of interior and product design.”

Stacy Garcia Furniture – “I love how Stacy Garcia has branched out into furniture, and how she incorporates brass and rose gold into her pieces. These metals are definitely on trend right now!”

New Buildings – “The tour of the Four Seasons Hotel downtown, sponsored by Vaughn Benz, was incredible. The furniture quality selected for this project was very nice, and I appreciate the asymmetrical approach by the Yabu Pushelberg Studio in New York. The new transportation hub at the World Trade Center, designed by Santiago Calatrava, is an architectural awe. I love seeing how architects and designers are pushing the boundaries of design and creating truly fantastic spatial experiences!”