Keywords for 2017 fashion trends include: post minimalism, powerful identity and stripes. These three trends combined sound about as strange as the outfit Kendall Jenner modeled for Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2017 collection…


While this outfit did not find its way into my top picks, the beanie earned a spot in this blog for making me laugh! I spend hours PhotoShopping images to improve them, and this outfit…that hat…wow…it’s a #photoshopfail come to life.

So, without rambling too much longer, here is my first pick.

1: Fluid Painting Hair Dye 

This fluid painting technique, or balayage, is the new ombre used to create a more subtle transition between colors. The method, as shown below, is a bit dramatic and clearly requires more space than most hair-dressers allow. However, the results are quite attractive.

Check out this YouTube demonstration!

Bright hair colors also made a serious comeback, and coupled with this technique, I could be convinced to be a bit more daring than my standard shade of blonde.


2: Geometric Fabric Manipulation

This year we are seeing the addition of fabric manipulation, from over-scale pleating to smaller folds that are reminiscent of Elie Saab’s designs. As I have always tended towards plain looking garments, this addition provides the edge that I’m looking for. Palazzo or pajama pants can now easily become a part of a stylish/sophisticated ensemble.


3: Sneakers

I’m happy to say sneakers have progressed a lot from the typical feminine version of skater shoes. What puts them on my list is the focus on trending colors: metallics (i.e. rose gold) and nudes.


4: Simple Makeup

There’s a feminist movement towards ‘powerful identity,’ which is shifting the way we view and apply cosmetics. Previously, makeup was a mask; women spent hours “putting on their face.” In a fantastic turn of events, makeup is now being used to subtly enhance features in a complimentary way, not in a dominating one. (Let’s face it, this is a tremendous trend for those of us who don’t have hours to spare in front of the mirror.)


5: Cat Eye Sunglasses with Mirror Shades 

Whether shopping the high street brands or the markets, these shades are everywhere. Cat eye sunglasses add a strong statement to an overall look, and fortunately there are enough varieties for almost any face shape.


6: Loose Fit and Bold Prints 

After an all-around chaotic 2016, and a few dramatic events to kick off 2017, some of the bolder fashion trends display a creative release. Alongside the plainer garments with geometric detailing, are strong unabashed prints and stripes. These accompany a trend towards loose-fit outfits. I’m definitely game for the looser fit, and the terrazzo print is interesting. Some of the striking prints may take some time to grow on me.


In the end…

Scrolling through the combination of images, if anything is evident for 2017, it is that anything goes! That being said, we should embrace our bold side and don the crazy print. It would seem the fashion world knows we could use a distraction.