Liang Chen (Project Director, Dallas) was on mission in Valencia, Spain at the annual CEVISAMA International Trade Fair for Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings. Invited by the Trade Commission of Spain in Miami, Liang set out to walk the 100,000 square meters of exhibit space in search the most inventive and timeless hospitality design products. Here’s what he came back with…

Pictured above:

Valiryo Body Dryer: “An efficient and elegant design of body dryer that can be placed in the gym and spa locker rooms.”

Decosan Bathroom Cabinetry: “European minimum design with meticulous details and craftsmanship. The electrical mirror cabinet grabs my attention.”

Archgallery Faux Stone: “A perfect solution for combination of natural beauty, affordability and durability.”

Estoli Technical Bathroom Aids: “If you are looking for elegant ADA accessory design, this is it. EU and China use the similar ADA code.”

Maier: “This Spanish designer introduced luxury to things you overlook; the basin mixer will not fail to grab attention with fused crystals or hand-blown glass Fabergé eggs. Don’t forget to take a shower or wash your hands while admiring these stunning accessories!”