On the coattails of Fashion Week, Wilson Associates explores the link between fashion and interior design, consulting Senior Designer Neil Rawson, who has worked on fashion stands and shops and remains immersed in the industry. Neil, who creates concepts and mood boards for Wilson Associates projects, takes cues from fashion shows, websites, exhibitions and luxury Parisian shops. And according to Neil, the following are this season’s hottest fashion trends:

5 Hot Fashion Trends for Fall 2017

1980s Flashback

The 80s are back with a vengeance, and we think that’s rad.

Up in arms.

Military inspired pieces are making a comeback with structured neutrals and industrial accessories.

Print on print.

Controlled chaos is the name of the game with this trend.

Turn up the volume.

Warm up this winter with stylish bulky layers.

Seeing red.

Crimsons are on fire this season.

How Fashion Trends Affect Interior Design

Neil asserts that while an interior designer can only access what is available in the marketplace, more competitive suppliers often use trend spotters, designers or stylists to remain visually active. “We try to create interiors based on the images around us, trying to avoid the obvious and adding something new in the process.”

He added that some fashion trends (like those pictured above) might be too literal for clients and that subtlety is often key when applying fashion trends to interior spaces.

The Future of Interior Design

Neil sees social media as the biggest influencer of interior design. He recalled a moment two months ago at a fashion show in which a blogger with 10 million followers was photographed by all the photographers at the show. “A new generation of people are influencing trends and style, and not necessarily designers,” he said.

More than ever, Neil sees trends bleeding from one medium to the next as our culture is readily exposed to artful images and influences. “Trends are now intertwined and can be based on images of architecture, interiors and art.”