Author: Marc Ciafardini

Creatives on Creatives, Vol. 7 – Rory Kurtz

Rory Kurtz is a highly skilled commercial artist/graphic designer who has been making a name for himself from The Big Apple to Tinseltown. Kurtz has a style which can best be described as a mix between dreamy/ethereal and hyper-real. It’s kind of like that brief window of time between being asleep and awake, when you’re not sure if you’re still dreaming. That’s kind of how it feels to gaze upon Kurtz’ glorious works. And take your pick of them – everything from breathtaking renditions of David Bowie and Humphrey Bogart, to the ‘The Driver’ from Drive and Dustin Hoffman...

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Creatives on Creatives, Vol. 6 – Shogo Takayama

Earlier this year, I visited TOTO Ltd. headquarters as well as their factories to get familiar with new products launched in 2018; I even got a sneak peek at what else is coming down the pike. What impressed me the most about the famous plumbing company, aside from their exceptional product lines, is their history and their commitment to quality. When designing a faucet or plumbing fixture, it seems like the rules are simple: function, then form, then add water. While many products in the TOTO line look sleek and stunning, a lot of work goes into the tiniest...

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Creatives on Creatives, Vol. 5 – Jose Sebastian Gomez

If you live or work in the Dallas area, the fact that business is booming is probably not news to anyone. Yet, as much as the many cranes are putting up buildings and apartments at breakneck speed changing our skyline, you might be unaware of other trades hard at work to produce world-class products and adding to the notoriety and culture of the metroplex.  One such company is Reel FX – Dallas’ own big-league animation studio. Now whether you knew what goes on in that non-descript red brick building in Deep Ellum or not, the caliber of digital wizardry therein produces...

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Creatives on Creatives, Vol. 4 – Josh Snodgrass

For those of us in the design community, there are a number of phrases that are common to our profession. I’m not talking about anything proprietary or technical, but quite often we find ourselves uttering euphemisms that figuratively (or literally) describe our process. One of the more popular ones is that the design in question is “like a Swiss watch.” Simply put, it highlights a designer’s efforts to make use of every portion of a particular canvas. Further, the vision and intent for every aspect/component to meld with expert precision, and so much so that the result of all...

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Creatives on Creatives, Vol. 3 – Brian McNelis

Thanks largely to a trip to Record Store Day in 2014, I have become an increasing fan of soundtrack releases on vinyl…and I’ve never looked back. You may have your own go-to retailers, and while a significant portion of my collection is comprised of Mondo titles, Lakeshore Records (the independent music division of Lakeshore Entertainment) remains a notable force that issues some of the most vibrant and stunning releases you’ve ever seen. I spoke to the company’s Senior Vice President of Music and Soundtracks, Brian McNelis, about his day-to-day with Lakeshore. As you might expect, after scanning through the hefty number...

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